Monday, August 16, 2010

How to: Monitor SQL 2000 with the latest SQL MP

As stated before, the new SQL MP (version 6.1.314.36) does not cover SQL 2000 instances. But how to go about it when you have SQL 2000 instances in place which require monitoring?

The good news is that Microsoft will soon release a MP for just that. This MP will be based on the last SQL MP (version 6.0.6648.0) which covered SQL 2000 instances. This MP will depend on the Libraries in the last version of the SQL MP. This separate SQL 2000 MP won’t be developed any further though.

At the moment I have this setup in place at a customer of mine and I must say, it works great. So the SQL 2000 MPs are imported on top of the latest SQL MP which does not cover SQL 2000 anymore.
As you can see, the SQL 2000 MP components have been imported alongside the latest SQL Server MP…

Suppose one does not have the previous version of this MP, and has not the luxury to wait until the ‘new’ MP for covering SQL 2000 comes out. As a service I have put these two SQL 2000 MP components ( and on my SkyDrive, to be found here.

Normally I would not do this since Microsoft is the one and only company responsible for offering their MPs. But the SQL 2000 MPs won’t be developed any further AND I do get a lot of questions out of the Community where to find the SQL 2000 MP related components.

Also, above information about the SQL 2000 MP is based on this thread, to be found on the OpsMgr TechNet Forums:


Anonymous said...

They have been posted here based on this post by Kevin Holman...

me said...

Are you saying this MP works with SCOM 2012?

Marnix Wolf said...

Yes, it should.