Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SCOM R2 CU#3 and Parameter Replacement in Web Applications

Sounds a bit vague?

Actually it is a much welcomed feature which has been added to SCOM R2 with CU#3. So a Cumulative Update for SCOM R2 does contain a lot more than ‘just’ some hotfixes for SCOM R2. Nice!

What the Parameter Replacement in Web Applications does? (Taken directly from Brian Wren's blog)

‘…it allows you to pick up a piece of information from the body of one request and then use it to replace a parameter in other requests in a web application…’


‘… there were applications that you really couldn’t monitor because they require data in their query strings that are dynamically created.  You have no way of knowing what their value is going to be until the first request runs.  Since the Web Application template had no way of doing that, you were left writing a custom script.  Now you can record or manually create the web application and then modify the requests to perform exactly this functionality…’

OK. Now I understand. But how do I use it? Is there anywhere a sample to be found along with more details?

Yes, there is, go here and read all about it.

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