Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SCOM R2 Reporting

For many times people have asked what the schema of the SCOM R2 Data Warehouse looks like, in order to make good custom SCOM R2 reports. Until now it was difficult to answer that question since no one really knew, that is besides the SCOM developers working for Microsoft and some other well informed people. But still their numbers were small.

But those days are over! Microsoft has published good information about that and other SCOM R2 custom reporting as well:

  • Custom Reporting Overview;
  • Setting Up the Environment;
  • Creating Custom Reports;
  • Data Warehouse Schema;
  • Inside a Generic Report;
  • Custom Report Queries.

Want to know more? Go here.

1 comment:

Cleber Marques said...

Awesome tips, finally we can get some tricks for custom our reports easily, congratulations for the team. Thank you Marnix.