Sunday, December 5, 2010

Updated Visio Stencils available

Got a very good comment from Jonathon Cusson on my blog posting about free downloadable Visio Stencils for SCOM and SCVMM.

He is the one who created those Stencils and has updated them. Now these stencils contain TWICE as much icons! Wow! Some screen dumps:

OpsMgr2007 (Generic):

OpsMgr2007 (Servers):

OpsMgr2007 (Specialized):

And that’s not all! No way! He has a collection of Visio Stencils which are very handy and a MUST have for any one who needs to design an IT environment. These are the free downloadable Visio Stencils Jonathon Cusson offers on his website:

Go here and get them!!!

All credits go to Jonathon Cusson. Thank you for your time, efforts and sharing! A job well done!

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