Monday, April 16, 2012

MMS 2012: Las Vegas Baby!


In 2010 some colleagues and me had planned to go to MMS 2010, also in Las Vegas. Everything was set to go but then an ash cloud came along and threshed our plans. In 2011 other things were at play, so no MMS 2011 for us either. But now in 2012 we’re at MMS!

Arrived last Saturday evening and yesterday we went out to experience Las Vegas. If there is one word to describe Las Vegas itself, it’s BIZAR. Really amazing to see a whole city dedicated to entertainment in many extravagant shapes. Entertainment is reinvented here and brought to new ‘heights’.

Competition among all the casino owners – in order to lure the people into their casino’s and to make them stay away from their competitors – has introduced a whole new level of eye ‘candy’ and ‘shock and awe’, unprecedented any where else but Las Vegas.

Some impressions:
The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas? Yes, a small version, but still pretty high!

This is not really sky but the painted ceiling inside the Venetian Hotel. It represents the St Marco Square of Venice, including the buildings AND the channels WITH the gondola’s. The street isn’t wet, but it’s some kind of special coating.

The hotel where we’re staying. Even with hundreds of rooms, this hotel is relatively small compared to the Venetian which has thousands of rooms.

Malls inside the hotels which are way really huge. They stretch as far the eye can see and consist out of multiple levels. Everything inside the hotels! Never seen such a thing before. The seize and again, the impressions, are awesome!

However, this blog isn’t a travel guide. So I’ll leave it at that. I’ll hope to post soon about MMS 2012 on this blog, so stay tuned.

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John Bradshaw said...

Nice photos and commentary! Enjoy!