Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Updated MP: SQL Server Monitoring MP, version

I wanted to download the SQL Server Monitoring MP by using the Catalog through the SCOM R2 Console. However, the SQL MP wasn’t there to be found:

That’s strange. Normally when this is happening, there is an update of that MP being pushed out by Microsoft which takes a while to go around the globe. So it’s time to visit the MP Catalog website. And yes, there it is, the NEW SQL Server Monitoring MP:

So the SQL Server MP is updated. Nice! Since from now SQL Server 2012 is officially supported (taken directly from the website):

Other changes are:

New features:

  • AlwaysOn Monitoring
    • Automatically discover and monitor availability groups, availability replicas, and availability databases for hundreds of computers.
    • Health roll-up from availability database to availability replicas.
    • Detailed knowledge with every critical health state to enable faster resolution to a problem.
  • Seamless integration with Policy based management (PBM)
    • Auto-discover custom PBM polices targeting AlwaysOn and database components.
    • Rollup of health of policy execution within the SQL monitoring pack under extended health.
  • Support for Mirroring and Replication Monitoring (only applicable to SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 version of management pack)
    • Discover mirroring databases, witness, and mirroring group.
    • Monitor database mirror state, database mirror witness state, and mirroring partners’ state.
    • Custom diagram view to visually represent the primary and the mirrored databases.
    • Approximately twenty rules to detect replication events.
  • Improved Freespace monitoring with mount point support

So a very good MP even got better! Very good job guys! The new SQL Server Monitoring MP can be downloaded from here.

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Unknown said...

Hi Marnix

Have you used the mirroring support in this new MP? I have installed it (well, actually upgraded from a previous version) and have little luck in having it discover my mirrors.

I have a setup with several servers (SQL 2008 “R1” and R2), with many mirrored databases and witness servers, but none of them get discovered.

The discovery should – according to the RTFM – be turned on by default, and I have hunted through the various overrides to see if I had missed anything, but no luck.

I should add that the individual servers, DB engines, databases etc. do get discovered, just not any mirroring.

- Kim