Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated MP: Active Directory MP, version 6.0.7822.0

A few days ago Microsoft released the updated version of the AD MP, version 6.0.7822.0.

Changes in this update, taken directly from the website:

The AD MP is one of the MPs I really like. It’s a good and solid MP which really adds value to your SCOM/OM12 environment. MP can be downloaded from here.

One additional advice:
This MP consists out of many files, like the Microsoft.Windows.Server.AD.ClientMonitoring MP. However, this file is not really required and adds some extra’s to the monitoring of your AD functionality AND availability. Many times, less is more. The same situation applies here. Import all the required components of this MP and forget for a while the file Microsoft.Windows.Server.AD.ClientMonitoring. Configure this MP as required and when all is well and you’re missing out on the monitoring of the AD from the client perspective, import the file Microsoft.Windows.Server.AD.ClientMonitoring and configure it accordingly. Saves one a lot of time and many times, the AD MP without monitoring from the client perspective already adds enough insight about the health state of your AD environment.

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