Monday, January 28, 2013

New Challenge! Again?!

Even though I changed jobs quite recently things didn’t work out as expected. To make a long story short I decided to leave that company and start a new challenge at Insight24.

A small company but with a lot of power, knowledge and experience all aimed at enabling companies to get the most out the System Center 2012 product. Another good thing is that the company has to be shaped further for which my input is required as well. A challenge I love to meet!

So from February the 1st I’ll join forces with Insight24, a company all about System Center 2012 and how to integrate it into the business and its related processes:

‘…Insight24 is specialised in manageability of IT. Our approach to manageability of IT differs from that of most parties. We take an organizational and informational approach instead of a technological. Tooling is important, but it is an instrument to automate workloads and collect information to deliver quality IT services to support business processes…’

I am looking forward to make the best of it. Awesome!


M.Mathew said...

Wish yuo all the best!!& keep blogging..:-)


Unknown said...

Good luck Marnix! Hopefully this step will work out as expected!

RR i-Tech Solutions said...

Wish You All The Best and make this blog more Awesome with new challenge.