Monday, January 21, 2013

THANK YOU Catapult Systems & System Center Universe 2013

Some days ago I received a package. It came from Dallas, Texas USA.

So that was really exciting. Many years ago I watched the series ‘Dallas’ and never forgot about JR Ewing (RIP), Southfork Range or Ewing Oil.  All fictional names (except for the range) but this package was real. And the senders were Catapult Systems and System Center Universe 2013 (SCU 2013).

The content of this package really surprised me. Since a single picture is worth a thousand words:
(Yes, yes I know. I put it all on my kitchen stove, but it was late and wanted to make a picture of it in a fast manner…)

Especially the USB HUB shaped like the Tardis is really a geeky gift! And the 4(!) 16 GB thumb drives are always welcome. And last but not least, a T-shirt and a bag with SCU 2013 logo. Awesome!

What I also appreciate is the card with a personal message from Catapult Systems. Impressive!

It’s really special to know to be appreciated so much by a consulting firm with a very solid track record which is thousands of miles away from the Netherlands. When I would be living in the USA I most certainly would apply there for a position!

So THANK YOU Catapult Systems and System Center Universe 2013 for these gifts as ‘a’ token of appreciation.

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