Monday, January 7, 2013

OM12 SP1 Console Is Empty After Upgrade To Windows Server 2012

Bumped into this strange issue in one of my lab environments.

Both OM12 SP1 Management Servers were upgraded to Windows Server 2012. All went just fine. But when the OM12 SP1 Consoles were launched on both servers, these Consoles were completely empty! No errors in the related OpsMgr logs on both servers. Connectivity to the databases was established and fully functional.

And yet, nothing, zip, nada in both OM12 SP1 Consoles.

Time for some troubleshooting

  1. Clearing the Console cache
    I cleared the Console cache (added the switch \ClearCache to the shortcut which starts the OM12 SP1 Console), but without any result. Still a totally empty OM12 SP1 Console…

  2. Restarting the  the three OM12 SP1 services
    On both OM12 SP1 Management Servers I stopped these services:
    - System Center Data Access Service;
    - System Center Management;
    - System Center Management Configuration

    Then I started these services again and now the OM12 SP1 Console showed data again. Phew!

I haven’t seen this behavior before and I have upgraded 2 other OM12 SP1 environments to Windows Server 2012 before this one and they didn’t have this strange behavior.

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