Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cross Post: White paper - Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE (WSSC 2012 R2)

Two Cloud & Datacenter Management MVPs have written an excellent white paper all about a real world deployment of a fabric infrastructure that is supporting network virtualization with NVGRE for hybrid cloud computing.

Two other MVPs reviewed this white paper so it became even better.

This white paper is a MUST read for anyone involved with VMM, networks and cloud computing, whether private, public or mixed. It can be downloaded from here.

A big word of thanks to these MVPs:

  • Kristian Nese;
  • Flemming Riis;
  • Daniel Neumann;
  • Stanislav Zhelyazkov.

And of course these well know people from Microsoft who aided them in writing this awesome white paper:\

  • Travis Wright,;
  • Christian Booth;
  • Vijay Tewari;
  • Greg Cusanza.

This effort shows the strength of the combined forces of the community and Microsoft.

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