Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SCOM12 Application Advisor & Application Diagnostics Website Not Working

Update 09-25-2013
Even after this procedure the App Advisor Reports didn’t work as expected. Turned out that APM uses for its reports a dedicated Data Source. This Data Source refers to the old location of the Data Warehouse database, causing this error. However, Tao Yang has written an excellent posting about this issue and how to solve it. Thanks to
his posting I solved this issue within the matter of a few minutes.

Got this error in our test environment after a DB move of the SCOM 2012 databases: An error has occurred. The additional information can be found in the Windows Application Log:

I love errors like these since they contain worthwhile information. And indeed, the Application Log contained other good information.

Actually a lot of information but this piece stood out for me:

This worked before the move. But now all SCOM 2012 DBs are running on SQL Server 2012, hosted by the same SQL server, only a different SQL instance.

Time to take a look in IIS Manager at the Application Pools. And this told it all:

Looks like the new SQL instance doesn’t like this one bit.Time for some remediation.

I simply changed the Identity of both Application Pools used by Application Advisor and Application Diagnostics. Instead I used an AD account which has sufficient permissions on the new SQL Server instance and the SCOM 2012 DW DB.

  1. Right click on one of the Application Pools used by APM;
  2. Select the option Advanced Settings;
  3. Change the option Identity by clicking on the button with the three dots;
  4. Use this syntax:
  5. Enter the password and retype it > OK
  6. Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for the other APM Application Pool
  7. Double check the Application Pools. They should look like this now:
  8. Recycle both Application Pools OR run IISRESET from an elevated cmd-prompt (only use the latter option when you’re sure no other websites hosted by the same IIS box are in use at that moment Smile)

And now both APM websites are working again:


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