Thursday, September 5, 2013

TechNet: Still Retiring Without An Alternative Unless You’re MCT. IT Pros Are So 1980.

A few days ago I stumbled upon this posting of Rod Trent, all about the latest developments in the soap opera the retirement of TechNet is becoming.

And to my big surprise I got this message today on my personal page of TechNet:

What does it mean?
Yes, Microsoft has listened. But only some of the complaints are really heard and acted upon.

Basically, the retirement of TechNet isn’t recalled. Nor will there be an MSDN based alternative for a reasonable price. So the pain remains the same as before. Only now the bullet is fired 90 days later.

Unless you’re a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Then there will be a TechNet replacement.

Microsoft versus IT pros?
As Rod Trent concludes in the same posting it’s pretty clear that Microsoft is moving away from the IT pros. As Microsoft sees it, IT is changing into cloud based services. So who needs IT pros anyway? Apparently not Microsoft.

The comments speak for them selves. Some of them I have highlighted here:

“…I will still support MS products but less and less am I a advocate for MS…”

“…more and more IT folks recently who are advocating less Microsoft products in their organizations in the coming years…”

“…If Microsoft persist with this course of action I will still support their products and do the bare minimum to keep myself certified in their technology. I will not advocate their technology as solutions as my first choice I will look to open source as a viable solution. ..”

“…But the more I see the things that have taken place in even just the last year... it scares me a bit. For me, there are NOT a lot of viable alternatives. I don't like being stuffed into a corner…”

“…As an MCT, I cannot really understand why we should have the benefit and others do not. I never have a training environment that goes past eval times, while most IT Pros do AND need it…”

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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