Friday, December 20, 2013

OM12 Issue: SCOM Reports Not Updated & Not Working

Bumped into an issue where the latest MPs contained Reports which weren’t uploaded at all to SCOM Reporting. Took me a while to crack it but finally I found KB2771934 which was the starting point of the solution to this issue.

Causes & fixes
As it turned out there were multiple causes which joint forces Smile in order to frustrate the SCOM Reporting process in many kind of ways.

  1. The object Data Warehouse Synchronization Server was a goner. KB2771934 helped me in fixing that;
  2. The SCOM Data Warehouse Read account was lacking proper permissions. TechNet has some good articles about it, like this one and the online deployment guide Based on that information I set the permissions as required;
  3. There were also multiple time outs where the Management Servers couldn’t write their information to the Data Warehouse database or read from it (important for SCOM in order to know what Reports to upload to the SSRS instance). After some tweaking and tuning the SQL server got a bit more space to operate which reduced these errors enormously.

Afterwards the Reports were updated again: the old outdated Reports removed since their related MPs weren’t present anymore and the newest Reports, based on the MPs which were imported lately, showed up in SCOM Reporting.

1 comment:

Johan said...

Hello Marnix.

We are having some issues with SCOM reports.The problem is when report is run from SCOm console the date and time shown on report is in Slovenia regional settings(date&time form).

But when the same report is Scheduled date and time shown on report are EN-US.

Do you have any suggestion what could cause problems? We check every regional setting possible.

Thank you for help.