Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Maze Of Update Rollup Packages For OM12 RTM & OM12 SP1

As we all have noticed, Microsoft is gaining more momentum per month resulting in new versions of the System Center 2012 product and the related components. On top of it all there are the Update Rollups which keep coming as well. Perhaps not on a the expected regular basis but still, there are many Update Rollups out there.

With all these different versions and their respective Update Rollups being available it’s easy to lose track of it all and even harder to get this simple question answered: What Update Rollup do I require for my current SCOM 2012 xyz environment?

Gladly Microsoft has published KB2906925, all about the available Update Rollup Packages for OM12 RTM and OM12 SP1. Per Update Rollup Package Microsoft tells what has changed (or not). So now you’re able to see on single webpage what Update Rollup your environment requires.

Since we all know that the latest two to three monthly patch cycles contained foul updates/patches and that even some Update Rollups contained issues, I have taught myself a new Best Practice: To wait at least six weeks with applying the latest available Update Rollup so at least I have some certainty that this Update Rollup contains no ‘hidden features’…

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