Thursday, December 12, 2013

SCOM & BizTalk: Some Good Resources

Today I had to roll out the BizTalk MPs for BizTalk 2010, 2009, 2006 R2 and 2006.

On itself this MP can be a bit of challenge to get it up and running. Also because BizTalk itself can be quite complicated on itself which makes monitoring it properly through SCOM a challenge. But when the MPs are in place and properly configured you’ll get a lot of information back from it. So it’s worth the effort.

It goes without saying that both guides for both BizTalk MPs require a lot of attention. These guides aid you in configuring them properly.

None the less, additional information is welcome and I am glad that I found two additional sources of information, all about monitoring BizTalk with SCOM. One source I found myself (thank you Google Smile) and another source was given to me by someone else.

Since these sources contain so much good information I want to share them with you on my blog:

  1. Microsoft Developer Network: Monitoring BizTalk Server
    Even though this site still talks about MOM 2005 or Operations Manager 2007 (duh!!!), this site still contains TONS of good relevant information. It also sheds good light on why certain components of BizTalk require additional attention.

  2. KB2449532: Common Issues and Resolutions with the BizTalk Server Administration console
    This KB article also takes monitoring with SCOM into account and goes very deep into detailed troubleshooting in order to get your BizTalk environment and SCOM working together as they’re supposed to be.

Personally I am happy with these two resources since they start where the two BizTalk MPs stop.

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