Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cross Post: SCOM, Cloud & Elephant In The Room…

Fellow MVP Cameron Fuller has written an excellent whitepaper all about the relevance of SCOM in todays (and tomorrows) world which is moving with an ever accelerating pace into the cloud.

In this whitepaper Cameron does some serious investigation before he comes to a (very interesting) conclusion about the question whether SCOM is still relevant in the world of the cloud. Even though SCOM is one of Cameron’s major passions, he refrains from emotion, takes a few steps back and takes an objective look at the whole matter.

To my humble opinion, this is what makes Cameron stand out of many other bloggers, writers and presenters. Even though this topic touches the very existence of his professional career, he remains his cool & calm and – unbiased! – investigates the matter at hand. Combined with his humor it makes this whitepaper not only very interesting to read but also fun without ever loosing focus.

So for anyone involved with SCOM (and the elephant, no matter it’s voluntary or not), this whitepaper is a MUST read.

Besides the obvious credits (Cameron Fuller of course, who else?), additional credits go to Savision who publishes this whitepaper and offer it for FREE.

The whitepaper can be downloaded from here.

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