Friday, June 19, 2015

OMS Information Sources Aggregation

Microsoft Operations Manager Suite (OMS) is the latest & greatest Azure based service offering of Microsoft. And it can do a LOT for your organization.

However, since it’s brand new service, people and organizations who want to use it, need to do some RTFM (Read The FRIENDLY Manual) in order to get the most out of it. As usual those resources are scattered across the internet. Therefore I’ve decided to start an aggregation of all the sources out there, all about OMS and how to use it.

Please feel free to comment in order to add the resources you’re using as well. This way this posting will help you all out there, looking for some good & solid information, all about OMS.

This posting will be updated when required. Hopefully I’ll have to update it on a daily basis Smile. So – again – feel free to reach out and add your sources as well.

Community based sources, like blogs etc.

  1. Cloud Administrator, blog by Stanislav Zhelyazkov
  2. Tao Yang’s System Center Blog, blog by Tao Yang (duh!)
    • All postings tagged with OMS
  3. Cameron Fuller Archive, company blog where Cameron Fuller works
    • All postings written by Cameron, look for the ‘Cloud’ banner
  4. Thoughts on OMS, OpsMgr & Azure, my blog 
  5. ???

Microsoft based sources, like documentation, blogs etc.

  1. Operational Insights documentation, official Azure documentation
  2. $, blog by Daniele Muscetta
  3. Wei Out There, blog by Wei H Lim
  4. System Center: Operations Manager Engineering Blog, blog by SCOM Engineering Team
    • All postings tagged with OMS
    • All postings tagged with Opinsights
  5. Stefan Stranger's Weblog - Manage your IT Infrastructure, blog by Stefan Stranger
  6. OMS Log Search API Documentation , official documentation
  7. ???

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