Monday, June 1, 2015

SCOM PowerShell: Move RSME Role Holder To Other OM12x Management Server

OM12x: Goodbye SCOM 2007x RMS & HELLO RMSE!
With OM12x the SCOM 2007x RMS was finally gone. Or better, it’s functionality distributed over ALL OM12x Management Servers. This has made OM12x far more stable since the single-point-of-failure (SPoF) was finally gone.

Even though this is a huge step forward, Microsoft needed to address another small challenge. Some old MP’s require the SCOM 2007x RMS. So in SCOM 2012x the SCOM 2007x RMS role had to be emulated in order to get those MP’s working as well. Hence the RMS Emulator Role (RMSE) was born.

On itself nothing special. Just an emulator in order to make those old MP’s ‘think’ they’re communicating with a plain SCOM 2007x RMS while it’s just the latest and greatest SCOM 2012 R2 UR#6 Management Server.

Who needs the RSME?
The Exchange Server 2010 MP requires the RMSE, or better the Correlation Engine of this MP does. And there are other older MP’s as well requiring the RMSE.

How to manage it?
With just a few PS cmdlets the RMSE can be removed, queried for (who’s hosting it at this moment) and moved to another server, or set when previously removed.

In relatively small OM12x environments this is done by just a few people. But in bigger organizations there needs to be a process in place about how to move RSME. And on top of it all, a PS script which does just that. That way not only the process is in place but a uniform method of operation as well when the RMSE needs to be moved to another server when the SCOM 2012x Management Server hosting that role by default is down.

The PS script
This PS script does a couple of things. First it checks for the current RMSE Role holder and reports it’s findings:

Then it shows a dialogue box with the SCOM 2012x MS servers to choose from. In order to allow a roll back to the MS server which originally hosted the RMSE Role, that server is listed as well:

Select the server and click OK. Now the new RMSE Role holder will be set. A check will run, in order to see whether the move went just fine or not:

Move went wrong:

PS 2.0 (or previous) and PS 3.0 or later
One thing to reckon with is that PS 2.0 or previous defines the forms a bit differently then PS 3.0 or later. So I’ve uploaded TWO PS scripts to my OneDrive, in order to address that issue:
  1. MoveRMSE - PS2 or previous.ps1
    For PS 2.0 or previous versions.
    Download here.
  2. MoveRMSE - PS3 or later.ps1
    For PS 3.0 or later versions.
    Download here.
Lines to modify in the PS scripts
You need to modify these lines in the PS script in order to make it work. These modifications are the same for both PS scripts by the way…


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