Monday, August 3, 2015

Community MP Just Got MUCH Better!

Some years ago two very experienced SCOM people published a MP containing SCOM Health Check Reports. These Reports were special from day one, since they gave - with nothing but a single click - a deep insight into the health of all the SCOM components making up your SCOM environment.

When this MP came out, it was targeted at SCOM 2007x, simply because SCOM 2012x was something of the future. And when it became GA, this MP wasn’t updated. There was no rush actually since the very same MP works very well with SCOM 2012x as well.

Of course, SCOM 2012x is a beast of it’s own, with it’s new functionality and related quirks as well. And those new features, whether wanted or unwanted, weren’t covered by this MP.

Gladly the two men I am talking about, found the time and decided to REWRITE this MP for SCOM 2012x environments.

Of course, the people working with SCOM on a daily basis know what MP I am talking about: the SCC Health Check MP. And the two men are Pete Zerger and Oskar Landman.

Go here and here to check the new version out. The reports have become sexier as well. An awesome job guys, thanks a lot!

Additional information
This MP also requires the additional data source in order to connect to the SCOM Operational database. The new MP has an updated document as well, clearly explaining what to do. Please RTFM this document when this MP is new to you. When you don’t and simply import the MP BEFORE you’ve created the new Data Source, many Reports won’t be uploaded to the SSRS instance…

When you already have the SCOM 2007x version, the correct Data Source is already in place so you can simply import the new MP. It won’t upgrade the existing MP since it’s a total new MP of it’s own. Both MPs can co-exist happily in your SCOM environment. However, the new MP is way much better so IMHO it’s better to remove the older version after you’ve imported the new one and verified it’s working as intended.

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