Thursday, August 13, 2015

Windows 10? YES Thank You. Using Dedup On W8.1? Hold Your Horses!!!

When Windows 10 came out I upgraded my home systems right away. No sweat. Walk in the park. Next > next > finish experience. Still happy about those upgrades.

When I decided to upgrade my work system I FORGOT to check ONE thing: dedup. I know. It’s not officially supported on W8.x but it WORKS and does an AWESOME job. Saves a LOT of space on the SSD containing the VMs I run on the laptop.

But AFTER the system was upgraded, those dedup volumes started having issues. Like… VMs not working. Ouch!

And before W10 became GA, there was a workaround for it in order to get it working on W10 (Preview) as well. But now with W10 being GA, that workaround doesn’t do the trick anymore…

Back to W8.1 it is!
So after giving it some quick thoughts I decided to do a roll back from W10 to W8.1. And that worked as a charm as well. Within 30 minutes I had my good ol’ W8.1 system back WITH dedup!

Make dedup a SUPPORTED feature in W10 please
Vote here and here in order to try to make dedup a supported feature in W10. IMHO, since W10 supports the Hyper-V ‘role’, dedup should be part of it simply because many W10 systems don’t have that much storage to go around…

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