Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Kid In Town? Not Quite…

Some background information
I guess many people already know him. He’s a former UK based MVP and ran his own blog all about System Center. He has a very good track record and knows a lot about other – SC related – technologies as well. Before he started blogging he was very active on the TechNet forums for System Center. He answered many questions, thus helping many people along in dealing with the every day challenges of managing the System Center products.

Then for a while his blog became silent. Also his presence on the TechNet forums took a dip.

The famous Terminator quote: ‘I’ll Be Back…’
But now he’s BACK! In a new position that is, since he has joined Microsoft UK as a PFE! So that’s good news for Microsoft UK and all other System Center PFE’s, since their team has gained a member who has a huge experience with the System Center stack.

But there is more. He’s also back on the blogging scene since he’s contributing to the PFE UK Manageability team blog, AKA The Manageability Guys. A blog I pointed out earlier to keep an eye on since the content of that blog is really good. And with his contributions it got even better!

These are his three latest postings:

  1. Distributed Applications in a Snippet
  2. Dynamic SQL Computer Group with Health Service Watcher Objects
  3. State Tiles Widget + PowerShell Widget

And there is more to come! So keep an eye out on the blog of the PFE UK Manageability team.

Who is he?!
Okay, here is his name: Graham Davies. Welcome back!

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