Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hyper-V MP Alert: ‘Workflow Runtime: Failed to run a process or script’

Bumped into this issue at a customers site. Here multiple Hyper-V cluster nodes are in place and some of them showed this Alert in the SCOM R2 Console: ‘Workflow Runtime: Failed to run a process or script. GetDiskPartitionSpace.vbs(136, 2) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Invalid procedure call or argument Command executed’.

This script comes from the Hyper-V MP.

But when I took a deeper look at it, this Alert occurred only on the Hyper-V cluster nodes which did not host any VM at that moment. The other Hyper-V cluster nodes, hosting multiple VMs, did not experience this issue. Somehow this script flunks when it runs on ‘empty’ Hyper-V cluster nodes.

So this particular Alert can be safely ignored. Hopefully the future edition of the Hyper-V MP will contain a script which is a bit ‘smarter’.

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raghav said...

Spot on! We had a similar problem in a Management pack and it was invoking Left on an empty string! Thank you.