Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reports for the xSNMP Suite 1.1.1 available

Taken directly from the website:

This suite of management pack adds value to the xSNMP suite by implementing OpsMgr reports for data collected by performance rules in the xSNMP management packs.   Reporting management packs included are:

  • xSNMP for APC Reports
  • xSNMP for APC NetBotz Reports
  • xSNMP for Brocade Reports
  • xsNMP for Check Point Secure Platform Reports
  • xSNMP for Cisco Reports
  • xSNMP for Data Domain Reports
  • xSNMP for Dell PowerEdge Reports
  • xSNMP for HP ProCurve Reports
  • xSNMP for IBM AIX Reports
  • xSNMP for Juniper Networks Reports
  • xSNMP for Juniper-NetScreen Reports
  • xSNMP for NetApp Reports
  • xSNMP for Net-SNMP Reports
  • xSNMP for SonicWALL Reports

Requirements are:   OpsMgr 2007 R2, xSNMP suite, OpsMgr reporting implementation.   Like the xSNMP suite, the reports MP’s are licensed with the GNU-GPL and unsealed versions are provided.

Suite of MPs to be downloaded from here.


Danilo Corain said...

It Work's With SCOM 2012 RC?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Danchiste.
That I do not know. But personally I don't think so since OM 2012 looks different at networkdevices. So changes are these reports won't work.


Danilo Corain said...

Sorry, i think that i posted in a "wrong" Issue, but the Xsnmp Management pack for monitoring, doens'nt work in 2012 RC, In a 2007 R2 it works fine.
My question is, Thhe Management pack Suite works in 2012 RC? Did you still tested?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Danchiste.

In OM 2012 (RC or RTM for that matter) this MP isn't required anymore since OM 2012 supports network device monitoring out of the box and in great detail. Therefore I won't import this MP since it isn't needed anymore.