Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Override Creator

Got a good comment on my previous posting about setting many overrides for a certain MP. When I got this comment I had a moment like: ‘Doh! I know about that tool but totally forgot about it!’. So I felt a bit stupid… Like having a good toolbox but hammering the nails into the wall with your hands without holding the hammer…

So back home I started my SCOM R2 test environment, imported the Ex2010 MP and used the Override Creator tool. It works great AND fast:

  1. Override Creator is started and connected to my test Management Group:

    On the left in the Override Creator window is the tree of loaded MPs in this MG:

    When opening the Exchange Server 2010 MP all components are shown. Quickly the IMAP component is located. When selected all Monitors and Rules related to that component are shown and easily selected (one, some or all):

  2. Selection is made, all Monitors will be overridden:

    Click right and a context menu is shown. Select the option Create override to disable workflow(s)

  3. Select Override Target and target Management Pack:

    Select where the overrides have to be applied to and what MP has to be used (create a MP in advance).
    Click OK and all is well.

Time to check it out in OpsMgr itself: Console > Authoring > Authoring > Management Pack Objects > Override Target Management Pack: Exchange Server 2010:

So next time I will first take a dive into my toolbox before I start clicking again…

Override Creator tool to be found here.

All credits go to Boris Yanushpolsky who created this tool.


CChill said...

This is very helpful. Does the tool actually create an override for each individual object, or does the SCOM Object Model support some kind of inheritance?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi CChil.

As I see it, it creates an override for each individual object.

Even when Override Creator showed the job was done, in the SCOM Console the overrides came in, 1 by 1.

Marnix Wolf

Jonathan said...

Unfortunately, this tool does not work with OpsMgr 2012. :(