Monday, September 13, 2010

SCOM R2: MP Catalog, the MPs and the related Guides

When one tries to download a MP directly from the SCOM R2 Console it is strongly advised to do that AFTER the related guide of the MP to be downloaded and installed has been read thoroughly.

But where to get that guide from? What is the url of the guide for the SQL Server 2008 MP for instance?

Good to know that the SCOM R2 Console also offers some help here. How?

  1. Open the SCOM R2 Console with SCOM Admin permissions;

  2. Go to the Administration Wunderbar, right click on any spot in the tree and select the option Import Management Packs;

  3. Select the option Add from catalog;

  4. In the Find box type the MP you are looking for (in this example the SQL 2008 MPs) and hit the Search button;

  5. In the Management packs in the catalog part of the screen are the found MPs shown. Select the NAME of the MP you are looking for (again in this example the SQL Server 2008 MP). Hit the Properties link;

  6. And a Details window is shown, showing a clickable link to the related MP guide for the SQL Server 2008 MP;

  7. Download and READ the guide. When you understand how the MP operates and you can use the MP, download AND configure it according to the earlier downloaded guide :).

So now you can download the MP Guides as well by using the SCOM R2 Console. Nice!

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