Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free product for SCOM R2/OM12: Veeam Extended Generic Report Library (GRL)

Today Veeam released a new contribution for the SCOM R2/OM12 community: The Veeam Extended Generic Report Library (GRL).

This is a MP which contains the Veeam Extended GRL for SCOM R2/OM12. Reports to be found in this MP are:

  • Veeam Alert Statistics Report
  • Veeam Generic Performance Top (Bottom) N Report
  • Veeam Performance Report
  • Veeam Performance Details Report


Some people were allowed to test drive this set of Reports, I was among those lucky ones and I must say, these Reports are really good.

However, like the Generic Reports delivered by Microsoft, these Reports aren’t made for the ‘Single-Click-End-User’. In order to get filled Reports some interaction is required. So when you’re totally new to SCOM R2/OM12 Reporting, please read this series of postings of mine in order to get the idea and concept behind SCOM R2/OM12 Reporting. This way you’ll know how to use these additional generic reports.

When you’re already experienced with SCOM R2/OM12 Reporting the guide provided with the GRL contains many details and almost step-by-step explanations in order to get the most out those reports.

Want to try those Reports yourself? Go here. In order to download them registration is required. After that the Reports can be downloaded for FREE.

Two things to reckon with:

  • These Reports work only in SCOM R2 or OM12. SCOM RTM or SCOM SP1 isn’t supported.
  • These Reports work only from SQL Reporting Server Services (SSRS) based on SQL Server 2008 or higher.

A teaser:
(Screendump taken directly from the website of Veeam.)

All credits go to Veeam who brings out this awesome set of Reports for FREE! Thank YOU Veeam!

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