Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free tool to create your own Customized Dashboards in OM12

The OM12 engineering team released a nice tool which enables you to create your own Customized Dashboards in OM12.

This tool is aimed at three tasks which can’t be performed in the OM12 Console:

  1. Generalizing console created Dashboards
    When one creates a nice and sharp looking dashboard in the OM12 Console and wants to use that Dashboard in another OM12 Management Group (MG) it won’t work because the MP containing the Dashboard contains MG specific parameters (aka GUIDs). This tool removes those GUIDs so the MP containing the Dashboard can be used in any other OM12 MG now.

  2. Free placement of those Dashboards
    Provides the ability to have a custom dashboard show up under any Management Pack folder in the Monitoring view.
  3. Create a Task which launches the Dashboard against any selected Object
    This is really awesome! One creates a Dashboard containing the most relevant Performance counters like CPU, Disks, Network and so on. And with this tool a Task is created which launches and populates that Dashboard for any selected Object! Of course, that Object must relate to that Dashboard but that goes without saying…

The tool involves some cmd line commands but these are very straightforward and therefore easy to use. The OM12 engineering team also provided a good explanation (PowerPoint based) which tells exactly how to use this tool. And as a showcase they included two Dashboards as well, just to show you the power of the tool.

The tool can be downloaded from here.

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