Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Updated MP: Exchange Server 2010 Monitoring MP, version

Yesterday Microsoft released an updated version of the Exchange 2010 Monitoring MP, version

Changes in this MP aren’t very shocking. Major reason for this release is as stated in the MP guide, page 7:

Taken from the same guide:

Changes included in the Service Pack 2 Update

  • Resolved ObjectNotFoundExceptions in correlation engine  
    The SP1 version of the Correlation Engine could encounter ObjectNotFoundExceptions on a regular basis. The number of exceptions of this type is significantly reduced in this update.
  • Reduced load on RMS/MS  
    A number of improvements were made to reduce the load of the Management Pack on the RMS/MS. The following specific changes were made:
    • Reduced the number of read operations the Correlation Engine makes to the SDK to get entity and monitor states
    • Improved cache handling in Correlation Engine when Management Pack updates are applied
    • Increased correlation interval time from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes
    • Reduced load due to discovery  The discovery interval was increased from 4 hours to 24 hours and improved handling of Domain Controller objects to decrease churn
    • Improved Database Copy Health monitoring  Replaced KHI: Database dismounted or service degraded with One Healthy Copy monitor to decrease load on RMS
    • Improved Performance monitoring  Non reporting Perf Instances are now enabled by default and some write operations were removed to decrease unnecessary writes to the database

The bullet ‘Reduced load on RMS/MS’ is an interesting one none the less.

The MP can be downloaded from here. Kevin Holman has posted an article all about this new MP and what’s new/improved. A must read for any one who’s going to use this MP since his posting contains information which isn’t present in the MP guide but is yet crucial.

So in this case: RTFM the guide related to this MP AND RTFM Kevin’s posting.

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