Thursday, June 14, 2012

System Center 2012 – Using a common SQL backend database

Ouch! I try to stay on top of things as much as I can in order to share the news with the readers of this blog.

However, I almost missed this one which is really a very good posting written by my much respected MVP buddy Cameron Fuller. I respect this man not only for his profession but also as a friend.

Some time ago he published an article all about using a common SQL backend database for System Center 2012. In that posting he writes about IOPS per System Center 2012 database (did you know that an OM12 Data Warehouse database with 2000 Agents has an IOPS hovering around 1000?) and the sizes as well. And whether or not to use a single SQL server for all your System Center 2012 components.

The article contains two case studies and a list of Common System Center 2012 Database Recommendations.

This posting is really gold and should be read by anyone involved in designing an environment for any System Center 2012 component. Want to know more? Go here.

All credits go to Cameron Fuller sharing this kind of information with the community. Awesome job man!

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