Thursday, September 3, 2009

PKI Certificate Verification Management Pack

Many many times I got questions from customers whether there is a MP for monitoring the expiration date of certificates and alerts when they are about to expire. And every time I had to give a negative answer.

But those days are gone! Three top notch OpsMgr men have developed, built and tested a MP which does that AND more! Even better news, the MP is free! How nice can life be? So check it out here. To be downloaded here (free registration is needed).

All credits go to Rapheal Burri (who had the lead in developing this MP), Pete Zerger and Jaime Correia from System Center Central. They really did a great job and not just that but also in the true spirit of the OpsMgr Community!


Thanks guys! Awesome!


Sabir Ali said...

Hi there!

Please let me know whether this MP is compatible with SCOM 2007 R2 or not.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Sabir Ali.

Yes this MP is compatible with SCOM R2 as the related MP guide states :).


PS: I love this MP and implement in almost all SCOM R2 environments AND OM12 environments as well since this MP works fine with OM12 as well.

Wildense said...

Hello, I just installed this MP. Currently is working OK, generates alerts expired certificates but not send email informing. Create the Subscription class adding "Certificate", which contains the monitor "Certificate lifespan". Help me please!

Marnix Wolf said...


You could also subscribe to the Rules and or Monitors which generate the relevant Alerts.


Csaba Darazs said...


The Certificate MP is really cool an thanks for that

We would like to do some customization in the certs lifespan monitor Alert message but the MP doesn't allow to do that

Please help about where and how can we do that


NARENDRA KUMAR Sirra said...


I have downloaded latest version and imported successfully the PKI MP Download: PKI Certificate MP (SCOM 2012)

Also setup the Run As profile and privileges provided, but still it does not show up any servers under the Monitoring -> Certificates about to Expiry/valid, etc.

Please advise, what else need to be done from our end to get the alerts for the certificates about to expiry