Thursday, February 4, 2010

SCOM Gateway Approval Tool stalls

Yesterday at a customers site I bumped into an issue where I had to deploy a SCOM Gateway Management Server. For this some steps have to be taken. But when done properly, nothing is amiss.

However, this time I bumped into an issue with the tool which approves the SCOM Gateway Management Server. Somehow it hung. I used the correct syntax but after hitting <enter> the screen only showed the message ‘Copyright 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved’. But the message that the SCOM Gateway Server had been approved successfully never appeared.

It took me some time but after a couple of hours (!) I got it working, thanks to the help of a local administrator.

Two issues seemed to be at play here: first, the file was ‘downloaded’ from the OS perspective. So the file was blocked since it happened on a Windows 2008 Server. This issue was found – and dealt with – within a couple of minutes.

However, the second cause took me much much longer.

The account I used had admin privileges on the SCOM servers and Admin permissions within SCOM as well. Finally, a systems engineer for this company ran the tool for me with the credentials of his admin account. The only difference here was that this account had also admin permissions on that SQL instance where as the account I used has only read access.

And now the tool ran just fine! The SCOM Gateway Server got approved within a matter of seconds!

I checked the documentation about this tool but nothing is to be found. But the deal is:

When running the SCOM Gateway Approval Tool do this with an account which has also admin permissions on the SQL instance hosting the SCOM Database.

A Day Later:
Yesterday I searched the internet to see whether any one else had experienced the same issue as I did. But all to no avail. And now when searching again, the FIRST hit I got is a blog posting of Tim McFadden describing the exact same issue as I experienced. So many credits (if not all) go to him. Apparently I ran a better search query now than yesterday…

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