Friday, November 26, 2010

Updated SCOM R2 Core MP has been released

A few days ago the updated Core MP for SCOM R2 (version 6.1.7695.0) has been released by Microsoft.

Some enhancements have been made, among them (I won’t list them all here, for detailed information check out the screen dump made from the MP Guide):

  • A new Report which lists all Agents, Management Servers (RMS and MS) and Gateways, grouped by their current Health State;
  • A new rule which checks the validity of the Alert subscriptions;
  • WMI Monitors to be run on the systems where the Agents are installed;
  • Updated Product Knowledge.

This MP is becoming better and better every time. And has become THE SHOWCASE what a MP is all about. A job well done Microsoft!

Changes in this update are: (taken from the MP guide):

MP to be downloaded from here.

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