Thursday, April 21, 2011

Veeam Community Podcast

 Rick Vanover, Software Strategy Specialist for Veeam Software, interviewed me today for a Veeam Community Podcast.

We talked about many things like OpsMgr, the past, present and future. How technology relates to the business, how to connect OpsMgr to the business, my daily work & challenges and what I see as an exciting aspect of technology in the future.

Funny thing is, that even though the podcast is run by Veeam, there isn’t a single moment of commercial stuff in the podcast. Like: ‘First I was unhappy until I bought the Veeam nWorks MP’… :). So it’s a true COMMUNITY podcast about technology and OpsMgr in particular. Nice! Nor is this podcast about me, myself and I. It’s about OpsMgr.

The podcast needs some editing and is expected to be posted here within two weeks from now. It will named: Episode 18 - Connecting the dots with OpsMgr.

When it’s posted I will blog about it.

Special thanks to Veeam for creating such a platform for the community.

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