Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Error when running the Free Space Report: Cannot initialize report.

The Logical Disk Extension MP contains two great Reports. Many customers of mine use it on a monthly basis. And I must say, it really adds value to any SCOM environment.

Today I bumped into the situation however where the Free Space Report didn’t work. It threw this error: Cannot initialize report. OK, so something was wrong. But what? The error message itself didn’t reveal anything useful about the reason why the Report failed so it was time for more investigation.

I opened the SQL Server Reporting Service url in IE and started the same Report. Reason behind it is that this way more information will be displayed. And yes, now I had something more to go on:

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Query execution failed for data set 'SelectGroup'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
Invalid object name 'OperationsManagerDW.dbo.vManagedEntity'.

Especially the last part of the error message told me a lot: the name of the Data Warehouse is hard coded in this MP. This particular customer runs special names for the OpsMgr databases, including the Data Warehouse. So there is a mismatch. It was time for some XML-editing.

I opened the MP in Notepad++ and replaced all OperationsManagerDW entries with the correct name of the Data Warehouse database. Also raised the version number and edited the Description as well in order to reflect the modifications. Removed the old MP, removed the Reporting part through the web browser and imported the adjusted MP.

And now all is just fine: the Free Space Report runs like a charm.

So whenever you bump into a similar issue check the name of the Data Warehouse database. Changes are the name isn’t the default one. Follow the earlier mentioned procedure and be happy.

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