Thursday, September 1, 2011

SCOM and Office 365

Some customers asked me to what extend SCOM is capable of monitoring Office 365. Other than running some very basic synthetic transactions (not easy to achieve I must say), checking internet connectivity and some ‘service’ availability, there isn’t much SCOM can do actually. But I know for sure that it will change in the future since customers want to monitor their Exchange environment, no matter it’s on premise or in the cloud.

For now there is another tool available which doesn’t monitor Office 365 but runs diagnostics and create logs of ‘your’ Office 365 environment. This tool is known as Microsoft Online Services Diagnostic and Logging (MOSDAL) Support Toolkit.

Toolkit can be downloaded from here. KB960625 tells you how to use this tool.


eislon said...

Well there is a Microsoft MP for this now, see this link:

Michael Van Horenbeeck said...

FWIW, there's more than just a MP for Office 365. Solutions like Mailscape 365 offer additional value over the Management Pack which only pulls in data from the service health dashboard; which is more an alerting mechanism rather than a monitoring feature. That value comes from pro-active synthetic transactions that continually monitor functionality in Office 365. If you are looking for something beyond the MP, it's definitely worth checking.