Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cross Post: OpsMgr 2012 – Agents Across Slow WAN Links Are Unable To Communicate

This is a very important posting even though it dates from the 26th of October 2012.

Fellow MVP Daniele Grandini writes about an issue where SCOM R2/OM12 Agents and Gateways across slow WAN links are unable to communicate.

Back in 2010 I bumped into a similar situation which took me many days to crack. And somehow I solved it but it never felt OK. Like the situation had solved itself and that my actions were of no influence what so ever. They simply coincided with the other real remediation. Now I know why.

So anyone using Agents/Gateways on remote locations connected by slow WAN links and without a DC on that location, might bump into this issue as well.

Even though the ‘solution’ mentioned in this posting isn’t very solid, at least I know now what really caused the issue back in 2010. And on top of it all, Daniele has provided a PowerShell scripts which mimics the call made by the Management Server. When it takes about one second or more to complete changes are you have the same issues…

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