Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Super Glue For Unleashed

Like all families there is always a single person who builds bridges and brings different minds, generations and opinions together. In many families this role is many times taken upon by the mother of the house. Somehow, somewhere she becomes the super glue bringing and keeping it all together, thus making it into a family.

When looking at the Unleashed series of books I many times see the same set of highly skilled and respected authors. Without them these books wouldn’t stand out that much like these books do now. They set the standard to such a height that other books are having a very hard time to get to the same level. And many times they simply don’t. None the less, these are still great books.

And yet, even in this kind of setup there is also a single person who brings all the different minds, opinions and levels of experience together in order to give you, the reader, the experience that the book is written by a single person/entity. So for those books she becomes the super glue, bringing it all together and creating a situation where 1 +1 isn’t 2 but becomes 2,5 or even 3!

For the Unleashed series of books that role is fulfilled by Kerrie Meyler. I know she isn’t the type of person to step up in the spotlights.  But IMHO she deserves a bit of extra attention. Because she’s the silent force behind many of the Unleashed books.

And – perhaps for one time only – she wrote a post about herself, all about how she got where she’s today. So for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding about the super glue of many of the books of the Unleashed series, this is THE posting to read.

Many times people ask me how I got so far in the community. One of the main reasons is that I learned a lot from people like Kerrie, Cameron, Pete, John, Anders, Marcus and so on. Compared to them I feel myself humble and am I just happy to know these people on a personal basis.

And you know what? Every single day I learn new stuff, and when having questions I many times find the answers in the Unleashed series, which closes the circle…

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