Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upgrading SCOM 2012 SP1 To SCOM 2012 R2? DON’T Forget The AV Exclusions…

When upgrading from SCOM 2012 SP1 to SCOM 2012 R2 it’s easily overlooked, to update the antivirus exclusions as well.

However, this is really necessary since otherwise the AV software will block the upgraded SCOM 2012 R2 components (Management Servers and Agents alike), resulting in an unstable SCOM 2012 R2 environment which is bad and might take way too much time to troubleshoot.

With SCOM 2012 R2 new installation paths are used, for ALL SCOM components, check this posting of mine for more information about the new SCOM 2012 R2 Agent.

In order to cover both environments (while you’re upgrading) it’s Best Practice to enforce the AV exclusions for BOTH SCOM 2012 x versions. When you’re SCOM environment is totally based on SCOM 2012 R2, you can remove the AV exclusions for SCOM 2012 SP1.

What are the differences?
As stated in this KB article you can see pretty much has changed when looking at the paths of the folders to be excluded. For your convenience I’ve made a small summary and made the differences in R2 red:

SCOM Management Servers

  • SCOM 2012 SP1 
    %Program Files%\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Server\Health Service State\*
  • SCOM 2012 R2   
    %Program Files%\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Operations Manager\Server\Health Service State\*

SCOM Agents

  • SCOM 2012 SP1
    %Program Files%\System Center Operations Manager\Agent\Health Service State\*
  • SCOM 2012 R2
    %\Program Files%\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Health Service State\*

The only thing which stays the same is the SCOM Gateway Server. Both versions use the same installation path so no need to change the AV exclusions for those SCOM 2012 R2 servers.

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