Friday, July 4, 2014

MMS is BACK!!!!

Well sort of. First of all this new MMS isn’t organized by Microsoft but by the Minnesota System Center User Group. Secondly MMS now stands for the Midwest Management Summit. And last but not least, it’s targeted at a MAXIMUM of 500 visitors.

Why? Taken directly from the website: ‘…Speakers have time to meet and talk to you. No rushing people out of a session to get the next speaker going. Time to absorb what you see and talk it over with speakers and other attendees…’

I am thrilled to see events like these being organized. IMHO Microsoft really dropped the ball by trying to shove MMS into Tech-Ed. With all the marketing mumbo jumbo taken away WHY Microsoft did that I am convinced that the real reason of this bad move was that Microsoft wanted to organize a BIG event like the ones organized by VMware. They hoped that it would create a buzz which would last for a few weeks at least.

So now the community picks it up and carries the flag. Which makes me proud of this community. Awesome!

Want to know more? Buy your tickets? Remember there is only place for 500 attendees! Go here.

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