Friday, September 19, 2014

Core OS MP Version 6.0.7230.0: Undocumented Change

Already some people pointed it out to me, so the credit of this posting go to them. However, I did not find the time to double check it. But it’s true: the latest version of the Core OS MP (Server OS MP), version 6.0.7230.0 has some changes which AREN’T documented but can affect your monitoring of available free disk space.

What’s happening?
Some versions of the Core OS MP back, there were those really good free disk space Monitors which when they fired an Alert told you directly what’s going on. So the Alert told you exactly how much disk space was still left (in MBs and %).

However, those Monitors were replaced by new ones (for some good reasons). BUT now the Alerts didn’t tell you anymore how much disk space was left Sad smile. Kevin Holman made a special MP which fixed this annoying issue.

But now with the latest version of this Core OS MP (version 6.0.7230.0) these Monitors are back and turned on by default! The previous ones are disabled now by default.

Another thing to reckon with is the time frame in which they run. The reinstated Monitors runs once per hour (3600 seconds) by default. Of course by using an Override you can modify it as required.

More details
In order to make it more clear what I am talking about, I give you more details.

  1. In total there are 4 logical disk free space monitors per OS version now. In this screenshot I’ve 12 of them (WS 2003x, 2008x and 2012x):
    Only ONE per OS version is enabled by default.

  2. The PREVIOUS ONE with the Alert lacking good information is turned off now by default,
    the Logical Disk Free Space Monitor:

    This one ran once per 15 minutes:

    But the Alert showed nothing about how much disk space was left:

  3. The ONLY Monitor which is enabled by default is the
    Windows 20xy Logical Disk Free Space Monitor. This is the 2012 server OS version:

    It runs once per hour (3600) seconds:

    AND it generates an Alert with GOOD information about how much disk space (MBs and %) is left:

So check your environment and overrides when this MP is in place. Hopefully the MP guide for this MP will properly updated.

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