Wednesday, January 14, 2015

!!! Warning !!! DON’T Update To The Latest Windows Server OS MP, Version 6.0.7294.0

Update 02-04-2015
The issues as reported in this posting are fixed now. The latest version of this MP, version 6.0.7296.0 contains these fixes. Read more about it here.

Update 01-14-2015:
Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and has pulled this version. For this moment the previous version (6.0.7292.0) is available for download.

The latest Windows Server OS MP, version 6.0.7294.0 has a serious BUG.

The collection of disk performance counters has turned sour. It looks like every logical disk is discovered more than once (looks like just as many times there are logical disks in total). As a result it will hammer down your SCOM DB with too many performance data coming in.

I got this news from my highly respected fellow MVP Daniele Grandini. Soon he’ll write a posting about it on his own blog. When that posting is out I’ll update this posting accordingly.

Until this issues is fixed DON’T import this MP!!!

Thanks Daniele for sharing!


John Bradshaw said...

Thx for the warning Marnix!

Unknown said...

How can I install a lower version of a mp in SCOM? I installed the new version of the Core OS mp.

SCOM doesn't allow me the install a lower version of the same mp. How do I fix this without deleting all the dependent mp's and the mp itself.

Coen said...

Hi Marnix,

I'm wondering if this issue with version 6.0.7292.0

If you enable mount point discovery all 'normal' drives are also discoverd again. For example logical drive C: will be discovered as mount point C:\ This results in extra alerts for diskspace (for C: and C:\) and extra performance counters beging collected (luckily collecting performance counters for mountpoints is not working perfectly in this mp 8-( )

Version 7061 of this mp does not have this discover issue for mount points