Monday, May 18, 2015

OMS: Configuration Changes For IIS Log Collection

When you’re using OMS (Operations Management Suite) AND using IIS Log Collection, this is IMPORTANT news.

Taken directly from the System Center Operations Manager Engineering Blog: ‘…On Wednesday, June 3rd we (Microsoft) will be pushing down Operations Manager rules that will change how your IIS logs are sent to OMS.’..’

And: ‘…Currently we push all IIS logs through your management servers before being sent to OMS.  We’ve found that in some cases this was putting too much load on the management servers.  In order to fix this, we’re going to be routing these logs from the agents straight to OMS – bypassing the management servers completely…’

The same posting also provides details about some config changes you’ve got to make in SCOM. So pleas READ this posting when you’re affected and carry out the modifications as stated.

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