Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cross Post: OpsMgr 2012 Data Warehouse Health Check Script

Update 01-07-2015: Tao Yang has updated this script, based on the feedback he got. The already awesome script has become even more so Smile. When you’re using the ‘old’ version it’s time to ditch it and get the ‘latest & greatest’.

Fellow MVP Tao Yang has written a TOTALLY AWESOME PowerShell script which checks the health of your SCOM 2012 Data Warehouse database and pipes the output to multiple HTML, XML and CSV files.

Tao has written this script for Squared Up since their product relies heavily on a well performing Data Warehouse. When it’s not performing as it should their product is negatively impacted.

Since Squared Up is dedicated to the community they allowed Tao Yang to share this script with the whole world for FREE through his blog.

I’ve had the honors to test drive Tao’s first scripts and I must say I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED by this awesome tool, since that’s what it is.

And for any one running a SCOM 2012 environment, this tool is simply a MUST have. A BIG word of thanks to Tao & Squared Up.

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