Friday, October 23, 2015

Issue With SQL Server MP Version Log File DW Fills Up…

Update October 23th:
Microsoft has pulled this MP and is working hard to solve it. When your SCOM environment is affected by it, go
here in order to fix it.

As it turns out, the SQL Server MP version has a ‘known issue’.

Because of this issue the log file of the Data Warehouse database starts to fill up, causing these errors to pop up:

  1. ‘…Data Warehouse failed to deploy database component. Failed to deploy Data Warehouse component. The operation will be retried…’
  2. ‘…Exception 'DeploymentException': Failed to perform Data Warehouse component deployment operation: Install; Component: Script, Id: ‘[GUID]', Management Pack Version-dependent Id: '[GUID]'; Target: Database, Server name: '[DW Server Name]', Database name: 'OperationsManagerDW'. Batch ordinal: 39; Exception: Sql execution failed. Error 9002, Level 17, State 4, Procedure Microsoft_SQLServer_Visualization_Library_UpdateHierarchy, Line 192, Message: The transaction log for database 'OperationsManagerDW' is full due to 'ACTIVE_TRANSACTION'…’

Cause & Workaround
The suspected culprit is the SQL Server Visualization Management Pack. Remove it and all it’s dependencies.

I notice that some people already complained about this issue with the SQL Server MP version Until now I haven’t seen it for myself. But be careful here.

A BIG thanks to a regular reader of my blog, John Bradshaw. He pointed this issue out to me. Thanks John!


Brody Kilpatrick said...

Thank you!
How in the world did this get past quality control...ridiculous.

TommyGun said...

I'm not seeing this issue either with, but i'll wait for sure with upgrading until it's fixed.