Thursday, September 1, 2016

OM12 R2 UR#11 Released

Yesterday Microsoft released Update Rollup 11 for SCOM 2012 R2, per KB3183990.

The fixed issues are quite numerous:

  1. Network discovery fails because of monitoring host crash if no paging file is set on the operating system;
  2. Backport PuTTY 0.64 and 0.66 updates from 2016 release;
  3. Update Register-SCAdvisor cmdlet for WEU workspaces;
  4. ACS eventschema.xml has incorrect parameter mappings for multiple audit events;
  5. Memory leak when monitoring network devices by using SNMPv3;
  6. Web Console user can view datawarehouse performance or SLA widget data outside of their scoped dashboard views;
  7. Downtime duration doesn't take business hour into consideration;
  8. Cisco 3172 PQ network device certification issues;
  9. Adding SCOM assessment links in the Operations Management Suite view in the SCOM console;
  10. SQL Server Seed relationship with a server that is running Windows;
  11. Alert subscriptions are not always fired for 3 state monitors;
  12. When you connect SCOM to OMS, Availability monitors health state of some management servers changes to Warning state;
  13. RunAs Account password expiration does not work with Active directory Password Settings Objects that breaks the validation of LOCAL User Accounts;
  14. MPB Entries in Catalog database for the VersionIndependentGuid column is updated;
  15. If the first try of importing MPB failed then re-importing the MPB was not possible until the SCOM console is closed and reopened;
  16. Change of the displayname field for a group in a sealed or unsealed management pack.

Support added for Linux OS version:

  1. Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS (x86 and x64)

Fixed issues for the UX\Linux MPs:

  • During UNIX/Linux computer discovery, the script is run with sudo elevation if a sudo-enabled user is selected for Discovery;
  • Scripts executed by the ExecuteScript method in Management Packs always run from the /tmp folder;
  • UNIX or Linux computers together with sshd versions that implement the Key Exchange Algorithms described in RFC 4419, such as Ubuntu 15.10, cannot be discovered with the Discovery Wizard;
  • Network statistics collected on AIX servers are reset when another tool such as NetStat is also used;
  • Physical disks are shown incorrectly as offline if an LVM snapshot is taken.



As before: TEST it before rolling it out in PRODUCTION.


Unknown said...

Oh, really...

Linux Operating System Library could not be imported.

If any management packs in the Import list are dependent on this management pack, the installation of the dependent management packs will fail.

Verification failed with 1 errors:
Error 1:
Found error in 1|Microsoft.Linux.Library/31bf3856ad364e35||Microsoft.Linux.SSH.Discovery.Task/Enumerate|| with message:
The configuration specified for Module Enumerate is not valid.
: Schema validation failed.
The element 'Configuration' has invalid child element 'IgnoreElevation'.

But after second try it`s ok

TommyGun said...

Same here, worked at 2nd try luckily