Friday, December 16, 2016

Hyper-V 2016 ‘Bug’: WS 2016 Server LogonUI.exe Doesn’t Allow 2x [ESC] Key When Connected To VM In Enhanced Session Mode

Noticed this issue some time ago in my test lab but forgot to blog about it. None the less it can be a nagging issue, while the solution is simple. So here it is.

A new VM is deployed, based on WS 2016 Std, no GUI. When this VM is added to the domain and restarted, it defaults to the old credentials AND the old system name. This doesn’t work since one has to use another (AD based) account.

For this the LogonUI.exe screen tells you to hit the Escape key twice in order to enter alternate credentials. However, when connected to the VM with Enhanced Session mode, only the first [Escape] key entry is processed:

I hit the [Escape] key the first time, and now I am told to hit that key a second time:

But now the second entry of the [Escape] key isn’t accepted.

Somehow when running an enhanced session with the related VM, the second hit of the [Escape] key isn’t passed to the VM.

Change the session to Basic session.

You have to logon again and as such hit the [Escape] key two times. However, this time the second entry of the [Escape] key will be passed to the VM as well, allowing you to change to other user credentials:

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