Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Developer Resources For IT Pro’s

I bumped into an interesting article on the Microsoft Azure Developers blog. It contains links to many resources, containing information about Azure (of course Smile).

However, what makes this article so interesting, per item (like IoT, Functions, Bot Service, Container Service and so on) the resources are divided into two categories: Quick and More Time.

I’ve checked some of those resources and I find the Quick items highly accessible, easy to consume and in the mean time, providing one with a basic understanding of the topic at hand.

Since todays world of the IT Pro is moving more into a dev-ops world, it’s important to know at least the basics of the coolest new stuff available.

With this article you can cover the basics by using the Quick category per item, and when needed, you can take a deeper dive by using the More Time category.

Test it yourself and go here.

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Ehrnst said...

Great find! Bookmarked this for later :)