Monday, March 13, 2017

Cross Post: OM16 Agent Crashing Legacy IIS Application Pools

My Irish buddy and fellow MVP Kevin Greene has posted an article on his blog about SCOM 2016 Agents crashing legacy IIS Application Pools.

Kevin investigated this issue thoroughly before coming to this conclusion. So this is not something to be taken lightly. However, his investigation showed him:

  1. The SCOM 2016 Agent in general being the culprit;
  2. The APM component specifically being the real cause of crashing legacy IIS Application Pools;
  3. Installing the SCOM 2016 Agent with the NOAPM = 1 switch works around this issue.

APM stands for Application Performance Monitoring, enabling organizations to deeply monitor .NET based applications, from server to client and back. Later on Microsoft also enabled APM to monitor J2EE based applications.

The APM component is part of the SCOM Agent and is installed by default when a SCOM Agent is installed. By default the APM service is switched off. But now with the SCOM 2016 Agent, the APM component is buggy and causes legacy IIS Application Pools to crash EVEN WHEN THE APM COMPONENT IS SWITCHED OFF (by default)…

In Kevin’s same posting he also tells you how to remove APM from SCOM 2016 Agents. So his posting is a MUST read.

At this moment Microsoft is aware of this bug and working hard on a fix. For now there is no known time frame when the fix will be ready and released.

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