Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New UNLEASHED Book: Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Unleashed with Azure Stack and Azure 1st Edition

For me the UNLEASHED books are the best. Why? Because these books are not only written by the experts themselves who work on a daily basis with the technologies the related books are about, but the content is reviewed by other real life experts as well, most of the times lined up from the vendor delivering the related technologies/products/services. Every time the result is the same:

A book without any marketing mumbo jumbo (except the foreword that is Smile), packed with tons of real life scenario’s, tips & tricks and deep insights about how a certain technology/product/service really works. Many times the work force of the vendor of the related technologies/products/services use the same book as well, because it’s the only book where everything comes together.

So I am more than happy to announce that a new book of the UNLEASHED series is available: Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Unleashed with Azure Stack and Azure 1st Edition:

This book is written by fellow MVPs: Steve Buchanan, Kerrie Meyler,‎ Mark Scholman,‎ Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, and Janaka Rangama.

On top of this already impressive line-up, Daniel Savage (Principal PM from the Azure Stack team) wrote the foreword and Marc van Eijk (Senior PM from the Azure CAT team) served as technical reviewer.

What to find in this book? Taken directly from the Amazon website:

Detailed information on how to:

  • Run a private/hybrid cloud on your hardware in your data center, using APIs and code identical to public Azure
  • Apply ITIL and DevOps lifecycles to your hybrid cloud implementation
  • Gain a deep understanding of Azure Stack architecture, components, and internals
  • Install and configure Azure Stack and master the Azure Stack Portal
  • Integrate and utilize infrastructure, core, and custom resource providers
  • Effectively provision, secure, and manage tenants
  • Manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and back up Azure Stack with CloudOps
  • Automate resource provisioning with PowerShell, the Azure CLI, templates, and Azure Stack’s API
  • Write your own Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Centrally automate cloud management and complex tasks connected to external systems
  • Develop customized, production-ready Azure Stack marketplace items

As you can see, this book is a MUST HAVE for anyone technically involved with Azure and Azure Stack.

Where do I get this awesome book?

  • Go here to the Amazon webpage
  • Go here to the webpage (Dutch readers only).

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